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Secured Loans – Pay Less Interest, Avail Heavy Amounts

Recent studies conducted by one of the leading financial websites state that more and more people are going for secured personal loans and debt consolidation is the major reason for this. The coming months of March and April are speculated to have a tremendous rise in the money granted by lenders as secured lendings. With bad credit in Britain increasing due to individual insolvencies, lenders are not preferring to give unsecured loans to the customers. Alliance & Leicester and HBOS are two of the high street banks in UK who have declared that they are more interested in secured lending rather than the unsecured counterparts.

Why secured loans?

Borrowers feel risky when they think of availing secured loans because their home may be seized by the lender if they fail to repay the loan amount. However, secured loans come very handy when you need hefty amounts at reasonable rate of interest. Cheap secured personal loans are available in the market as UK lenders love granting loans to homeowners.

Since the repayment period i.e. the loan tenure of secured loans is long, the borrower gains flexibility in repaying the loans. Through a mutual discussion with the lender, the borrower can also choose the type of interest rate he wants to repay the loan at. Basically, the borrower can select from any of the following interest rate type.

– Fixed rate of interest- The rate of interest remains fixed all during the repayment period. So, the borrower does not have to worry about the changing monthly installments. There is no change in the interest rate at which the borrower is repaying the loan back even if the base rate, decided by the Bank of England increases or decreases.

– Capped interest rate- A fixed rate is decided by the lender, say its 8%. If the Bank of England lowers the base rate, the borrower gets the advantage of paying less than 8% on his secured loans in accordance. But if the base rate increases, the borrower does not need to pay more.

– Variable interest rate (Flexible mortgage)- The interest rate will keep on varying as per the changes in the base rate decided by the Bank of England. So, if the base rate increases, the borrower will have to pay more and if it decreases, he will pay less in accordance.

So, availing secured personal loans fetch you many advantages. Negligible early redemption penalty charges is an added benefit.